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What are the range and characteristics of barium sulfate

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Barium sulfate grinding aid modifier

First, barium sulfate grinding modifier, technical indicators:

1. Appearance: milky white transparent liquid;

2, viscosity: 12 + 2mPa.S (25 degrees Celsius);

3 PH value: 8-9;

4, the specific gravity: 1.014 + 0.02g/ml;

5. Solubility: miscible with water at any proportion.

Two, barium sulfate, grinding, modifier, scope of application:

This product is suitable for various inorganic powders, such as surface to help heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, kaolin, talc, silica, carbon black, pigments and other powder grinding modification; modified powder after suitable for plastic, rubber and other industries use lipophilic customers. The oil absorption value of calcium carbonate modified by this product decreased by 15-20%.

Three, Aonuo barium sulfate grinding characteristics of modified agent:

The powder filler the product treated, good fluidity, wettability and dispersion, low oil can completely meet the requirements of plastic, rubber and other industries; can increase the volume of plastic in plastic, reduce product cost, improve the plastic stability, hardness and toughness. Rheology can improve plastic masterbatch, improve its formability is very obvious; on the Izod impact strength and notched impact strength of the toughening effect, but also can improve the plastic bending strength and bending modulus of elasticity, thermal deformation temperature and dimensional stability, but also given plastic heat lag; polyethylene / modified into carbonate calcium composite microporous breathable film, with breathable impervious special function, can be used for sanitary napkins, baby diapers and other sanitary cleaning supplies; modified Luxemburg added to polyethylene to increase the toughness of plastic. In the rubber industry, to fill strong, filling, color, improve the performance of machining process and products, reduce the gum content or partially replace the expensive white silica filler; modified barium sulfate after filler in rubber products, can increase the volume of products, so as to save expensive natural rubber and synthetic rubber to reduce the cost, rubber products; can improve its dispersibility in rubber, and thus greatly improve the performance of reinforcing rubber.

Four. Usage and dosage of barium sulfate grinding modifier:

1 、 usage and general powder modification method, also can be mixed with other surfactants or additives, but can not join at the same time, need to add this product, and then add other ingredients. According to the different requirements of customers, the amount of added powder should be calculated by the solid content of powder, adding 0.1% - 0.25% of powder.

2, use the measuring pump, 5-8 times dilution of good assistant metering spray in the two broken ore surface, ore through spiral feed or belt conveyor into the grinding host, dry grinding process.

Five, storage: at 10-25 degrees of temperature, avoid light, airtight storage for up to 6 months.

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