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RAINSTONE CHEMICALS Co., Ltd is an experienced chemicals and minerals manufacturer and export enterprises in Northwest area of China. has accumulated good reputation in the field of Trading of Chemicals Products.The Chemicals products are Trading by our RAINSTONE CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED are strong and traded from quality materials.We provide kinds of Barium Sulfate Precipitated ( Blanc Fixe), Barium Sulfate Natural ( Barite ),Sodium sulfide, Lithopone, Barium Carbonate, Mullite, etc.Which are used in industries of paints, coating, ink, papermaking, pharmaceutical, refractory, casting, building, leather, mining, textile and water treatment areas.


After years of effort and development, our products have been exported to the world, and build good long-term cooperation with many famous professional companies in USA, Canada, Italy, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia,Taiwan, Brasil, Southeast Asia, and so on.

We are committed to offer the best quality materials with competitive prices and integrity service.Warmly welcome all friends to visit and establish cooperation.

RainStone Chemical & Mineral Co., Ltd - Become your sincerely friends through successful cooperation!

Quality & Responsibility£¬the lifeline of our company!